Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spare Parts

My old collection Spare Parts has been out of print for a couple of years but I've just stumbled across a retailer who still has a few copies. So if anyone is interested in seeing what I was doing before I won the British Fantasy Award here's a chance to find out. Wait, that won't convince anyone to buy it -- um, the book has an introduction by Tim Lebbon. No, still no good -- er, it's got illustrations by BFA winning artist Bob Covington and BFA nominated artist Dave Bezzina. No, still no interest -- wait, I've got it! The retailer, Fantastic Literature, has knocked several quid off the cover price so you'd be getting the book dirt cheap.

Anyway, here's where to go if you fancy looking up my book.

Or you can just point and jeer -- "No one's publishing your book anymore!"

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Full-sized quotes

Just realised that the Nicholas Royle and Stephen Gallagher quotes have been edited down to fit on the back cover. Here are the quotes in full:

"Gary McMahon signally fails to keep the unpleasant and horrifying tendencies of his contributors in check in this maelstrom of evil curses, sickening violence, inevitable death, bereavement and the end of the world." Nicholas Royle

"I picked up WE FADE TO GREY last night and was kept reading way beyond any reasonable hour. As strong a collection of solid horror tales as I've read in a long time, and a great reminder of the unique qualities that British writers can bring to the field." Stephen Gallagher

Monday, June 02, 2008

We Fade to Grey trailer

Just discovered a trailer for We Fade to Grey at

As my oh so wonderful blog is still refusing to let me post links to Youtube I'll just mention that the trailer conatins a new cover quote from Stephen Gallagher -- "As solid a collection of horror tales as I've read in a long time."