Monday, October 28, 2013

Demons & Devilry

Somehow I've ended up doing something I thought I would never ever do -- I've edited a book. Blame Peter Mark May, he caught me at a weak moment and I agreed to edit an anthology for him before I realised what I was doing. The book is available now if you want to see how much of a hash I've made of it.

Demons & Devilry, the fourth anthology in the Hersham Horror PenAnth range, brings you five chilling tales of diabolism and black magic. With their twisted roots buried deep in the works of Dennis Wheatley, these stories reach out to embrace even darker, more horrifying, territory. Tremble with fear and wonder at the depraved imaginings of Peter Mark May, Thana Niveau, John Llewellyn Probert, David Williamson and Stuart Young.

The Abhorrent Man by Peter Mark May -- An ancient evil awakens in 1920s Tunisia.
Little Devils by Thana Niveau -- A group of mischievous schoolchildren encounter something whose wickedness far surpasses their own.
The Devil in the Details by John Lllwellyn Probert -- The race is on to find a suitable victim for a blood sacrifice.
The Scryer by David Williamson -- An unexpected inheritance leads to mysterious visions.
Guardian Devil by Stuart Young -- Will a journey through the Qabalistic Tree of Life bring enlightenment or damnation?