Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Alt-Zombie reviews

Alt-Zombie has been getting some good reviews. It's "highly recommended" and "an absolute win" and "a book that definitely needs to be on your horror bookshelf".

My contribution to the anthology has been doing okay too. Dark Musings describes it as one of the highlights, Shattered Ravings marks it as "one of my favourite stories in the book" Ginger Nuts of Horror says it's "fresh and full of bite" and The Zombie Librarian calls it "the best of the lot."

And just for good measure here's another review of the anthology, by Trevor Denyer. "This was a well written, professionally presented anthology, but I'm not convinced that the zombie stories were that alternative. At the end of the day, they were all shuffling, rotting, re-animated corpses. I found that this aspect of the book became repetitive and tiresome. Having said that, there were some outstanding contributions, namely: 'Thus Spoke Lazarus' by Gary McMahon (an interesting take on the Lazarus fable), 'White Light, Black Fire' by Stuart Young (horror with a tongue-in-cheek humour that I love about this guy's writing) and 'Acceptable Genocide' by Shaun Hamilton (in my view, the best story in the collection. Chilling and deeply moving). All in all, a very acceptable collection of good stories, best read sparingly and not altogether."

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Ginger Nuts of Horror interview

Jim Mcleod has interviewed me at the Ginger Nuts of Horror. Topics covered include Star Wars comics, Jackie Chan films, the reissue of Spare Parts as an eBook and what not to say to someone in the gents toilets.