Monday, February 27, 2006


Speaking about quotes I dug out this entry from my old blog:

Been discussing what quotes to put on the cover of The Mask Behind the Face.

First up is the quote from British Fantasy Award and Bram Stoker Award winning novelist Tim Lebbon. "Stuart Young not only writes stories, he gives them life."

Then there's the quote from British Fantasy Award winning novelist Mark Chadbourn. "No one can accuse Stuart Young of avoiding the big issues - with insight and verve, he tackles head on the existence of God, the mystery of human consciousness and the transformative effects of psychedelic drugs. Recommended."

And the third quote will be from Bram Stoker Award winning novelist Brian Keene. "In The Mask Behind the Face, Stuart Young deftly weaves a chilling, atmospheric tale, packed with sharp, biting prose, haunting imagery, and healthy doses of paranoia and wry humor. Don't make any plans for the weekend, because you'll read this in one sitting. Emotional, brilliant and scary as hell."

My publisher, Chris Teague, says that he'll probably abbreviate the Mark Chadbourn and Brian Keene quotes so they'll fit on to the back cover a little more easily. Although this makes sense I'd really like to see the full quotes used so I can milk every last drop of praise out of them :-)

There was originally going to be a fourth quote from Mark Samuels (whose short story collection The White Hands and Other Weird Tales narrowly missed out on winning the British Fantasy Award this year). But as Mark has very kindly agreed to write a foreword for the book Chris decided that using his cover quote as well would be overkill. For anyone who's interested Mark's original quote went like this: "Builds up with impressive skill to an explosive ending and is full of all kinds of fascinating mysticism."

Anyway, thanks to Tim, Mark C, Brian and Mark S for supplying the quotes.

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