Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Woman in Black

Forgot to mention that I went to see The Woman in Black on Friday. Spooky ghost story with only two actors and limited stage props.

Good fun even if the outcome is pretty obvious after the first fifteen minutes or so, the rest of the play being a case of crossing the ts and dotting the is. Impressive use of atmosphere and suspense though. And its weird the way that even though I saw most of the shocks coming and knew I was only watching actors on a stage anyway my skin still tingled when other members of the audience screamed. Because the audience reaction wasn't scripted I wasn't so prepared for it (even cinema audiences don't seem to respond to what's on the screen the way they used to when I was a kid, no one laughs at the jokes or screams at the scary bits anymore). So, being caught offguard, there was some small part of me that responded to the screams as though they were real, a shiver rippling through my body. Weird.

Anyway, Katy got kind of pissed off as the bloke sitting in front of her kept fidgeting, blocking her view of the stage. I swapped seats with her after the interval and of course then the bloke didn't move an inch. Why he couldn't have done that through the first half God only knows.

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