Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Okay, time to put my money where my mouth is. Here's some of my action scenes. Still sticking to the one paragraph rule.

From 'The Noble Art':

The right overhand came out of nowhere. Trey didn’t even know Sanchez had thrown the punch until it exploded onto his forehead. A fountain of blood erupted from his brow, shocking him with its suddenness. Sanchez seized the opportunity, pouncing on him and pummelling his body with short, hooking punches. Blind instinct took over -- Trey wrapped Sanchez’s arms, dragging him into a clinch, hugging him tightly until the referee separated them and sent them to their corners.

From 'One for Sorrow, Two for Joy':

Before they could attack Mags dodged to the right, outflanking them, and smashed the nearest one in the jaw with a palm heel. He crashed to the ground, unconscious. The other Bozos watched, dumbstruck. A groin slap and a downward elbow strike provided KO No. 2. At this point the two remaining Bozos finally realised that they should probably fight back. They both lunged at her, getting in each other’s way, and she danced aside, sweeping the legs out from under the nearest one. She finished him off with a foot stamp to the solar plexus.

From 'The Master':

A mop and bucket sat in a doorway. Spinning round Chen kicked the bucket into the air, launching it at Lo Wei’s head. Lo Wei blocked it with his palms and it bounced back to land on Chen’s head, plunging him into sudden darkness. Instinctively he ducked his head, offering the wooden bucket as the easiest target. Sure enough Lo Wei punched the bucket, shattering the wood and inadvertently freeing Chen.

From 'Gladiator' (unpublished):

He lashes out with his other foot, ramming the heel into my jaw. I lose a couple of teeth and then my balance, falling backwards, the ankle-lock escaping my grasp. I jump up and spit, spraying the corridor with teeth and blood.


grant said...

These action scenes are very nice,reminds of Frank Miller action in a way.

Stuart Young said...

Cheers, Grant. I'm a big fan of Miller's mid '80s stuff. Dark Knight Returns, Batman:Year One, Daredevil: Born Again etc.