Thursday, May 10, 2007

We Fade to Grey

Good news everybody!

Pendragon Press are publishing We Fade to Grey, a horror anthology featuring novelettes from Paul Finch, Simon Bestwick, Mark West, Gary McMahon and me.

As you can probably guess from the title We Fade to Grey features stories based around the theme of clothes losing their whiteness after repeated washing. My story, Skidmarks, revolves around a pair of demonic Y-fronts terrorising the clientele of a rundown launderette. The book is sponsored by Daz and Shane Richie will be writing the introduction.

Um, no, I just made that up. Gary McMahon did suggest a theme when he approached everyone about submitting a story but it was just something to get the creative juices flowing, we didn't really have to stick to it. In fact at WHC neither of us could remember what the original theme had been. Gary tentatively suggested that it may have been "mistakes." As in, "It may have been a mistake to invite Stuart to submit to this anthology." A feeling probably compounded by the fact that my story overshot the word count by about 3,000 words. (Look, it's not my fault, okay? I can either do short stories or novellas, don't expect me to mess around halfway between the two with these piddly novellette things. Novelettes is a stupid name anyway, sounds like a '6os girl group.)

So anyway, that's We Fade to Grey from Pendragon Press, debuting at FantasyCon 2008.


Chris said...

I'm sure I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue when I said yes to that anthology... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'll be buying it at BSCon! I'd better start saving my pennies.Gary M will probably have a dozen more novellas out by then too!

Mark said...

I think it might have been 'mistakes' too, but that blocked me even further so I decided to write the story and then try and figure out how to tie it to the theme.

It'll be nice to share space with you again, Stu - last time must have been back in the Enigmatic or Sackcloth days.

Michael Kelly said...

Huzzah! Congratulations, Stu!

Calenture said...

Hi Stuart, just saw your link down at Vault of Evil - Anthology Hell