Saturday, June 30, 2007

Don't I know you from somewhere?

Caught a repeat of Sharpe's Justice the other day. Surprised to see how many of the cast went on to star in SF/F/H fare.

Obviously Sean Bean played Boromir in LotR. But you also had a pre-Life on Mars Philip Glenister, a pre-Primeval Douglas Henshall and a pre-Buffy and Angel Alexis Denisof.

And then last night I watched Sharpe's Challenge which had Bean fighting Toby Stephens. Both men had previously played Bond villains.

A less interesting version of this game can be played with Dr Who, trying to spot which programme the actors playing the supporting characters had appeared in before Who. Eastenders, Eastenders, Eastenders, Casualty, Eastenders, Eastenders ...


fab said...

And don't forget Daniel Craig as Lt. Berry in Sharpe's Eagle. I'm a yooooge Sharpe fan, and I always get a kick out of spotting someone from one of the eps elsewhere. The six degrees game is a hoot, too. :)

Allyson Bird said...

Used to watch Beany in Sharpe ages ago. Most women did :>)