Sunday, April 13, 2008

Up on the Proof

I keep forgetting to mention that I went through the proofs of 'Bliss' a couple of weeks back, correcting all the typos that had sneaked through ... and no doubt adding in a whole bunch of new ones.

In fact I'm going to use my poor typing skills as a get-out clause for any criticisms the story receives. Didn't like the way I described something? Well, actually I described it brilliantly, it's just that a series of typos weakened the effect. Thought a character's personality veered erratically over the course of the story? Typos interfered with my carefully nuanced portrait of a complex soul. Felt the ending was a bit weak? There's actually another three pages of text which would have ended the story just the way you wanted but unfortunately I leant on the backspace key whilst reaching over to pick up a chocolate biccie.

Of course the typo most likely to increase my sales is the one where I accidentally typed in the author's name as Stephen King.

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