Saturday, August 09, 2008

We Fade to Grey launch

Just heard from Chris Teague and Gary McMahon. Apparently the We Fade to Grey launch is scheduled for 3.00 Saturday afternoon at FantasyCon. Should last for about 45 mins.

For some reason it's being held in the bar. It's almost as if they think getting all the punters drunk will help sell the book.


Chris said...

... it did cross me mind, but then I'm not made of money. :)

Stuart Young said...

Can you imagine actually being made of money? You'd have to lop off a body part every time you paid for something. It'd be like that bit out of 'The Blood Donor.' "Fifty quid? That's very nearly an armful!"

You'd be scooping up all your toenail clippings, you'd never get your hair cut 'cos not only would you have to pay for your haircut but the barber would pocket your shorn locks for some extra dosh.

And would other parts of your body be equally valuable? How about bodily fluids? Would you literally have blood money? If you sneezed would you be paying through the nose? As for ejaculation it would lend new meaning to the term sperm bank.

Chris said...

... a possible "body horror" story idea, Stu?