Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dear Santa

So once again it's that time of year when people feverishly scribble out lists detailing what they desire most in the whole world. A time when people rely on the goodwill of others to restore their faith in humanity.

I refer of course to the recommendations process for the British Fantasy Awards. I've only just discovered that it started over a month ago. That's me, finger on the pulse as ever.

Anyway, here's what I've got eligible this year:

BEST NOVELLA -- 'Bliss' From We Fade to Grey

BEST SHORT STORY -- 'Nothing is Forever.' From the Pendragon FantasyCon chapbook which I've forgotten the name of. And which, due to a cock-up with the delivery, hardly anyone received a copy of. And even if they did the printers screwed up my story by presenting random passages in italics for absolutely no reason whatsoever. So obviously it stands a really good chance of winning :-/

BEST HUMAN BEING -- Me. Okay, I made this one up. But if anyone did vote for me in this category then that would be the best Christmas present ever. (Just kidding, I really want one of the awards.)


Chris said...

Erm, those random passages in italics are otherwise known has "typesetters trying to be professional but failing miserably..." i.e. me. :(

Mind you, all 50 copies printed whisked off the table at the end of the raffle like hot-cakes!

Stuart Young said...

Damn you, Teague!

Oh well, at least people picked up the book. When I looked everyone was wandering out of the raffle suffering from books-by-authors-I've-never-hear-of fatigue and they didn't really want to be confronted by yet another one.