Thursday, August 17, 2006


Had a story rejected yesterday. Kind of put a crimp in my day, especially as I wasn't exactly feeling on top of the world anyway.

I've noticed this before. My mood when I receive a rejection often influences my reaction to the rejection. If I'm having a good day and I receive a rejection telling me that I'm a talentless hack who has no business even attempting to write a story and I would do humanity a huge favour if I just killed myself I'll just shrug my shoulders and say, "Well, everyone's entitled to their opinion."

Other times I'm having a bad day and I'll receive a rejection telling me that although my story got bounced the editor has read all my books and loved them, thinks I'm one of the best writers around and that I may well even be the reincarnation of William Shakespeare and yet I'll still go on a murderous, axe-wielding rampage.

So if anyone's ever tempted to give me feedback on my stories you might want to check what kind of day I'm having first.

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