Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Law and Jake Wade

There's an old Western that gets shown on the telly every now and again called The Law and Jake Wade. Reformed outlaw gets kidnapped by his old partner and forced to show where he hid the loot from the last job they pulled together. Just to make things difficult the ex-partner not only has a whole gang of thugs backing him up but has also kidnapped Wade's girlfriend and is threatening to do nasty things to her if Wade doesn't co-operate.

Lots of twists and turns as Wade and his ex-partner battle to outwit each other. Dialogue's pretty sharp too from what I remember. Robert Taylor as Wade. Richard Widmark as the ex-partner. And Dr McCoy from Star Trek as one of the thugs.

Only problem is I always miss the beginning. Never seen the film all the way through.

It was on yesterday. Got all excited when the opening credits began to roll. Then about five minutes into it I got called away and by the time I got back the film had finished.

Maybe next time ...

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Karen James said...

Hi baby,

i may have to nick this from you as my blog hasn't been updated with anything meaningful in months, although you know my answer to 7, gah. just thinking about that crap makes me want to run away.

love you