Sunday, December 09, 2007

Frank Whittle and the Jet Engine

Apparently Frank Whittle is gradually being erased from the history of the jet engine. Even though he invented the bloody thing the credit is going to German and American inventors who were working from Whittle's blueprints. Whittle deserved better than that so here's a link to a website commemorating his work.


Chris said...

Yankie-Kraut bastards.

I'm not racist, 'onest. ;-)

Stuart Young said...

Neither am I, you Welsh twat.

Anonymous said...

There were folks working on the engine concept prior to Whittle's involvement in it past 1930. A.A. Griffith, an Englishmen, was probably the one who came closest to producing something viable.

If you're interested in reading the definitive history of the development process of the Gas Turbine as applied to aviation then get hold of a copy of "The Development of Aircraft Engines and Fuels", authored by Schaifer and Heron for the Harvard School of Buisness Administration, published 1950. The development process of several nations covered in detail. It was a race.

Stuart Young said...

Damn it, I wasn't expecting someone to come on here who knows what they're talking about. It's not what I'm used to with the people who usually leave comments on this blog. No offence, Chris.