Thursday, November 07, 2013

Devilish Ditties

Some little rhymes about the stories in Demons & Devilry.

The Abhorrent Man by Peter Mark May

The man is dubbed abhorrent.
And his title is not without warrant.
They ask: "Is he scary?'
I reply: "Opinions vary.
"But he made me empty my bowels in a torrent."

Little Devils by Thana Niveau

These kids really are little devils,
With pranks, teasing and revels.
But they get such a fright,
From a horrible sight.
It's terrifying on so many levels.

The Devil in the Details by John Llewellyn Probert

The devil is in the details:
Lots of scares, or else tedium prevails.
Some tales of black mass
Need a kick up the ass.
But not with one of JLP's tales.

The Scryer by David Williamson

The hero of 'The Scryer'
Is lazy; a cheat and a liar.
He could try to work,
But he'd much rather shirk.
He wouldn't move if his arse caught fire.

Guardian Devil by Stuart Young

Despite the odd spell, ritual and hex
This story is all violence, cursing and sex.
But it's not easy
Being this sleazy.
No wonder pulp writers end up nervous wrecks.

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